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3 Reasons To Store Your Temporary License Plate In A Bag

by Dana Garrett

All cars need to be registered in the state in which you reside. The registration process can take a while, so in the meantime, you will be given a set of temporary license plates by your car dealership. Temporary license plates are printed on computer paper, which makes them susceptible to loss and damage. Adhesive plastic bags designed to hold temporary license plates can offer some added stability and protection. A temporary license plate bag can do these three things:

1. Protect your temporary license plate from moisture

Paper is inherently vulnerable to moisture. Even a little moisture can cause the ink on your temporary license plate to run. It can also make your temporary license plate more likely to tear. Temporary license plate bags are made from waterproof plastic. Once you seal your temporary plates inside the bag, they will be completely waterproof. You'll be able to drive in rain, snow, and hail without fear of damaging your temporary plates.

2. Ensure your temporary license plate is always clearly legible

Temporary license plates are a legal requirement for cars that do not yet have their permanent plates. Your license plates must be visible at all times whenever you're driving your car. A temporary license plate bag will protect your temporary plates without compromising visibility. The bags are made from transparent plastic that is easy to see through. Police officers and other drivers will be able to read your license plate at a glance, which can keep you from getting into legal trouble.

3. Keep your temporary license plate safe from thieves

Temporary license plates are typically attached to cars using tape or another form of temporary adhesive. Unfortunately, they can be easily torn away from your vehicle by vandals and thieves. Someone may want to steal your temporary license plates for use for their own vehicle. Alternatively, they may steal your temporary plates simply to cause trouble. A temporary license plate bag can reduce the likelihood of theft. These bags include a built-in adhesive strip that will allow you to adhere the bag to your car. Since the bags are made from durable plastic, they're harder to tear than ordinary paper.

Temporary license plates are a must-have for new car owners. Specialized plastic bags will allow you to keep your temporary plates in good condition until your permanent license plates arrive. Stay out of legal trouble and avoid the hassle of replacing your temporary plates by protecting them with temporary license plate bags.