Getting The Most Out Of Car Washes

Auto Detailing For Beginners

by Dana Garrett

If you have a car or truck that needs a deep cleaning, auto detailing is what you are looking for. Auto detailing is the thorough cleaning process that will get you the best possible results for the condition of the car. Many people reserve this process for when it comes time to sell, but if you do it regularly, it helps preserve the value of the vehicle. If you would like to try detailing your automobile yourself or if you are just curious about the process, here are some steps of the process.


You probably don't even realize how dusty and dirty the interior of a vehicle can get. Dust and grime settle in crevices, on air vent surfaces, and between the carpet and plastic trim lines. Vacuuming will not remove it alone so it is often there for long periods of time. Compressed air is a great way to dust your vehicle and dislodge the dirt and dust that has been sitting for ages. Auto detailing professionals use very large compressors to get dirt and debris under seats too. Dusting and getting it loose before vacuuming is crucial. You don't want to vacuum first and have all this dust flying around after.


Vacuuming is a very important part of the auto detailing process because it will help remove the dirt and dust from the vehicle. You should vacuum before any shampooing is done on the carpets. If you have animals, you can use a comb to help coax the hair to the top of the carpet for easier removal with the vacuum. Use a vacuum that has lots of attachments for hard to reach areas.


Shampooing the carpet in a vehicle can help eliminate stains and orders. If you are taking the time to detail your car, you don't want to skip this step. You should find a shampoo product meant for vehicles and use a thorough extractor to help you remove the water and soap from the carpet after it is washed. Leaving water behind can lead to more spots and bad smells. 

Wiping It Down

Wiping down the leather seats and hard surfaces in the car is one of the last things you do. Use a good auto-approved product to clean grime off the dash, trim, consoles, and seats. You can use different conditioners for the car interior to help protect the surface from sun damage and keep it looking nice.

Having your car detailed will make you wish you did it years ago. Protect the value of your vehicle and enjoy the clean fresh space. Try it yourself or find a professional to get that car or truck cleaned. For more information on auto detailing, contact a local car wash.