Getting The Most Out Of Car Washes

Why You Should Detail Your Car Before You Sell or Trade It In

by Dana Garrett

You want to sell your car and you want the most money for your vehicle. After all, you made a large investment in your car in the first place and while you won't recoup every dollar you've spent on your vehicle, the more you can sell your car for, the more money you have for home expenses or to put towards another vehicle.

You can either trade in your car if you have another one in mind at your local dealership or sell your car to a private party. Regardless of the option you choose, you want to present your vehicle in its best light so you can impress potential buyers. Having your car detailed is a great way to make your car look fresh and welcoming. Discover the following reasons why car detailing is an important step to take before you sell or trade in your vehicle.

You spend a little but gain a lot

Detailing your car can be less expensive than other car upgrades, such as putting new tires on your vehicle or painting the car. However, the results of detailing are instant and give your car a whole new appeal.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend but want to give your car the best shot at being sold or traded in for the most value, consider detailing. You can choose the type of detailing you want based on your budget and the current condition of your vehicle.

You give your car an edge over other vehicles

People look for quality in a used car, even though the unit has been driven by other people before. If there are lots of cars for sale in your area, detailing your vehicle gives your car an edge over competitors. Your car will be given fresh interior detailing where the carpeting is cleaned, the seats are refreshed, and the dash is wiped spotless to give your car a like-new appeal that competes with other used vehicles on the market.

If you're trading your car in, dealers see used cars all the time and want to see a vehicle that needs as little work to become marketable as possible. If you put money into detailing your car before you take it in for a trade in, your auto dealer will be impressed and may be willing to give you a greater value on your car as a result, allowing you to have more spending money for a new vehicle.