Getting The Most Out Of Car Washes

Top Reasons to Choose a Hand Car Wash Service over an Automatic Drive-Through Car Wash

by Dana Garrett

All cars benefit from being washed regularly: not only does a car wash keep a car looking great, but it can also help preserve the paint and finish on a vehicle. While having a car washed is very important, most people lead very busy lives and don't have the extra time needed to wash their cars themselves. Thus, most people opt to either use express drive-through car washes or visit a hand car wash service. An automatic car wash may seem convenient, but in the long run, you are much better off going to a hand car wash service. Some of the top benefits of a hand car wash service include the following:

Attention to Detail

An automatic car wash is going to be the same for every vehicle, regardless of how big or dirty it is. An automatic car wash may make your car look better, but it will never be able to provide the level of cleanliness that a hand car wash service offers. When you visit a hand car wash service, your car will be washed and then dried by hand, and each window will be cleaned. This helps ensure that there are no spots or streaks on your car after it is cleaned. If you notice any areas on your car that need extra attention, you can request for those areas to be attended to, which is not possible at an automatic car wash.

Better Products

Automatic car washes only cost a few dollars for a reason—they often utilize cheap soaps and cleaning products, and the car washes are not always well maintained, which can increase the risk of damage to your vehicle. A high-quality hand car wash service will use top-of-the-line cleaning agents that are safe for your car's paint and finish. At a hand car wash service, you can also count on quality equipment and tools being used while your car is being washed and dried.

Identify Potential Damage

The staff at a hand car wash service cleans multiple cars a day, and since paying attention to detail is so important, these people quickly learn to identify signs of damage on a car. The damage can be small, such as a tiny chip in your windshield, a spot of rust, or some cracking paint. But, when these types of issues are found early, they can be repaired promptly at a much lower cost than when they develop into major problems.